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For any upholstery cleaning services in Virginia Beach, VA needs, our team of upholstery cleaners are ready to take on the task. We observe punctuality, utmost courtesy and professionalism. Most importantly we ensure that other furniture and household content are safe from damage during the process. We leave the rooms cleaner, healthier, better and more appealing to the eye.
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Professional Furniture Cleaning

Couch Cleaning

Couches accommodate fewer people and can be less dirty in most circumstances. However, most coaches have deeper crevices and are heavy on fabric for comfort. This circumstance pauses a cleaning challenge which requires professional coach cleaners to intervene. We understand each coach fabric and the general structure of the furniture at hand, hence, the reason why we use different measures of cleaning solutions and equipment to achieve the highest standards of service delivery. The result of our service is a dirt-free couch, dry and ready to use coach, odorless upholstery, and micro-organism free furniture.

Sofa Cleaning

We apply different cleaning methods suitable for each part of the couch. For example, headrests and sofa pillows might contain dead skin cells and sweat while the cushion fabrics might contain food crumbs and drink spills blemishes, the crevices might contain particles and other molecular debris. With such knowledge, we can adequately flu out all the dirt and stains and deliver an impressively clean sofa to be used. Just to add on the notes above, we are alive to the different fiber materials used sofas, and the methods we apply do not induce additional damage occasioned by cleaning-induced wear and tear, discoloration of fabric and other forms of sofa damages. We ensure that the sofa is dry to eliminate the chances of fabric decay and dampness odors that can be irritating.

Mattress Cleaning

People spend a significant amount of time in bed given the fact that most people sleep for over seven hours. Mattresses and bed fabrics, therefore, accumulate dirt from night sweat and other body fluids. Unclean mattresses made from chemical foam and treated with chemical compounds such as fire deterrents, formaldehyde and other foam treatments may generate chemical reactions under extreme body temperatures and pressure at night and release dangerous gasses at small quantities. These reactions might not have profound immediate effect as the body�s immune system might fight them off, but after a long time of exposure, the body might succumb to the disease-causing mattress emissions causing rashes, allergies and so much more. We have a sense of obligation to ensure that such conditions do not exist in any bedroom, hence the reason why our mattress cleaners are keen on using the relevant solutions and equipment to give everyone a deep, clean, relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery can harbor dust mites, spills, dirt, pet dander and worse. The source of all the dirt is years of sitting, body oils, dead skin cells, spilling of foods and drinks, body sweat, stepping on upholstery with shoes, general home dust, and much more other reasons. All these manners of dirt can change the appearance of once beautiful sofas, chairs, coaches, bedrest and other fabricated furniture. The evidence of this dirt is the presences of stubborn blemishes, foreign odors, a general change of hue and wear and tear. Failure to clean the upholstery cannot only induce permanent damage to the specific furniture's fabric but can harbor disease-causing micro-organisms that are dangerous for both the short-term and long-term physical health.
To properly care for upholstery, our an Upholstery Cleaning Company offers the best restoration and fabric cleaning services on the Virginia Beach and surrounding communities. Our team of professional upholstery cleaners carefully inspects the upholstery to determine the best approach to cleaning the particular furniture. This is just to ensure that the cleaning services do not cause further damage to the dirt-weakened upholstery. The inspection process, will, therefore, entail the determination of the extent of cleaning need, the type of fabric and the PH balance.

Upholstery Cleaning Process
∙ Upholstery cleaning equipment pumps cleaning solution that breaks up grime and dirt in the upholstery by breaking up the molecules in high speed churning from every corner, surface, and crevice of the furniture.
∙ Our expert upholstery cleaners use water extraction equipment to suck out the cleaning solution. Grime and dirt particles are part of the extract.
∙ The cleaner ensures that the suction process is complete leaving the upholstery clean, dry and safe to use. Other drying options might apply depending on the nature of the padding.

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